Eco Tank

Frequently Asked Questions

1. If there is a problem with a pressure vessel, what does the customer do?

A. Turn off the water supply.
B. Consult the Owner’s Service Manual.
C. Call EcoFlush Customer Service at (800) 391-9821 or Complete the Tech Support Form.

2. Could the pressure vessel ever explode?

No! We have several safety features that will prevent the tank from over-pressurizing.

3. Why is there water in the bottom of the toilet tank?

This is normal, particularly with our Dual Flush System as it typically discharges water in the tank for regular operation.

4. How do I clean it?

Do not use any chemicals or any cleaning agent! This will void your warranty and more importantly will damage the unit and may cause leaks and even damages. Typically, you would not need to clean the tank. If you really need to, pour clean room-temperature tap water (40°F – 80°F) over the vessel. There is a drain at the bottom of the vessel to evacuate water in the tank down the bowl automatically.