What is EcoFlush?

EcoFlush is an innovative toilet pressure assisted system that offers exceptional flushing performance when added to any compatible toilet. Featuring patented WDI technology, EcoFlush is truly a remarkable solution for improving toilet flushing efficiency while conserving precious water resources. 


EcoFlush systems can reduce your water consumption by 20%.

By incorporating additional pressure from air, each EcoFlush system offers more flushing power without utilizing more water.
This engineering efficiency decreases the demand for [and waste of] unnecessary water to make your home more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

How EcoFlush Works

EcoFlush pressure-assisted systems can make your toilet more functionally and environmentally efficient. Unlike gravity-assisted toilet systems, WDI EcoFlush pressure-assisted flushing systems "push" waste and water throughout a toilet. By introducing air during the toilet's flush-to-filling cycle, the EcoFlush pressure-assist system injects an extra level of power into every flush. This extra power aids in both flushing efficiency and towel bowl cleansing to keep your toilet extra clean. 


Toilet Compatibility  

EcoFlush pressure-assisting vessels are only available for use in toilets designed specifically for pressure-assisted flushing systems.Traditional gravity-assisted toilets will not accommodate pressure-assisted vessels. Compatible manufacturer models include the models below produced by Gerber, Crane Plumbing, American Standard, Mansfield and Zurn. 


Sloan Flushmate Replacement Compatibility  

EcoFlush pressure-assisting vessels can also replace Sloan Flushmate vessels with compatible toilets. Below is a chart comparing compatible toilets, Sloan vessels and durable EcoFlush vessels.